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Introduction Handling an influencer marketing campaign is a significant task that requires a major […]
Introduction One of the enduring appeals of influencer marketing is that it caters to […]
Introduction Social media is a powerful thing. It has the potential to take a […]
Introduction The world of social media has changed dramatically in a very short period. […]
Introduction If you are marketing with influencers, you will have to find a way […]
Introduction TikTok’s popularity completely changed social media. The platform achieved massive success within a […]
Introduction Live streamed video is extremely popular right now. On just about every major […]
Introduction Influencer marketing is an important component of a brand’s social media presence. It […]
Introduction The blending of social media and e-commerce has led to a world where […]
Introduction When influencer marketing, finding an influencer is one of the most important steps […]
Introduction Influencer marketers have several primary choices when considering where to base their influencer […]
Introduction What does the future of social media look like? That is a question […]
Introduction Influencer marketing is a marketing tactic that requires some creativity. Marketers are using […]
What is Pinterest? Social media marketers need to extend their focus to encompass a […]
Introduction TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social media platforms in […]
Introduction In the past several months, there have been a lot of talks about […]
What is Pinterest? Social media marketers need to extend their focus to encompass a […]
Introduction The preparation process before influencer marketing campaigns is a pivotal aspect that defines […]
Introduction Influencer marketing is all about fit. Whether you are utilizing YouTube, Instagram, or […]
Introduction Social media moves at a million miles an hour, and brands and marketers […]
Introduction The social media landscape is always evolving. Staying on top of the changes […]
Introduction It feels like just yesterday that influencer marketing was the new disruptive industry […]
Introduction Meta is the largest social media company on the planet. As the owners […]
Introduction The creator economy is a massive and growing industry. It is composed of […]
Introduction When it comes to social media marketing, you rarely know the next big […]
Introduction Brands experience varying levels of success with their influencer marketing outreach. A big […]
Introduction Influencer marketing has a sky-high success rate. There’s a reason companies around the […]
Introduction If you have reached a point in your business where you are now […]
Introduction Social commerce is driving the future of both shopping and social media. Social […]
Introduction Social media is defined by evolution. What started as chatrooms and small status […]
Introduction When social media influencer marketing first started, there was a time when the […]
Introduction Influencer marketing is a global industry. In just about every country out there, […]
Social Commerce Social commerce is one of the defining industries of the 21st century […]
Influencer marketing has surged to become a necessary component of every marketer’s social media […]
Intro to Influencers and Co-Branded Products and Companies Brand names have always had value […]
One of the biggest problems marketers face is finding a way to bypass potential […]
Gen Z is a highly discussed generation, the first to be born and raised […]
LinkedIn has rapidly become one of the most important social media platforms on the […]
Intro TikTok is one of the social media platforms that has experienced the most […]
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a whole new world. Before the pandemic began, the […]
What are NFTs? 2021 was a strange year in many different regards. Young adults […]
Influencer marketing is about reach. It is about leveraging the reach of people with […]
The goal of influencer marketing is to forge connections with content creators to get […]
What is the Creator Economy? Being an influencer went from being met widely with […]
If you are looking to reach new customers with your social media content, you […]
Tim Hortons and Timbiebs Tim Hortons is as Canadian as it gets. Founded by […]
Snapchat was once seen as a platform with unknown potential. It had a large, […]
In 2021, 91% of all sponsored post engagements were with content created by micro-influencers. […]
What is One Bite Pizza? The frozen pizza industry is a competitive one. Pizza […]
Influencer marketing is dependent on consumers being willing to purchase something based on the […]
While the influencer marketing industry has quickly become a staple of most brands’ digital […]
Influencer marketing isn’t yet a perfect science, but already the industry is becoming more […]
Influencer marketing is a widely used advertising format across all social media channels. If […]
An influencer marketing strategy has rapidly become the cornerstone of many businesses’ growth plan. […]
What are Nano-Influencers? If you’re at all familiar with influencer marketing, you’ve probably heard […]
When influencer marketing, you have several different options. You can center your campaigns around […]
Sustainable business has risen from a niche talking point to one of the central […]
At our roots, human beings are creatures of habits. Like every other animal, some […]
Influencer marketing is a complicated thing. While it may, on the surface, appear quite […]
Influencer marketing is a form of digital advertising that brands worldwide have been prioritizing […]
Influencer marketing has broken through to become one of the forms of advertising that […]
Small businesses face a lot of obstacles in the early phases post-launch. A lack […]
Influencer marketing is a modern strategy that the vast majority of major brands have […]
Reaching the right consumers isn’t easy. Every person has different habits, and no one […]
When the NCAA’s Name, Image, and Likeness rule, or NIL, came into effect, the […]
In this week’s episode of The Hunting Influence Podcast, Aaron is joined by Ucef […]
When marketing with influencers, always remember that there are several crucial steps to follow. […]
When choosing an influencer, the qualities that define them are crucial to consider. The influencers you hire will directly affect your brand's reputation, and hiring the wrong one can have repercussions. Before hiring an influencer, ensure that they are fit to promote your company.

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