Influencer marketing is an important component of a brand’s social media presence. It increases visibility and makes it far easier for a business to connect to the desired target audience. Influencer marketing is a vital part of attracting new prospects and getting discovered, but additional strategies should be used along with influencer marketing campaigns.

The world of social media marketing has many layers and opportunities for brands, and while influencers help businesses stand out on social media channels, for best results, add to your strategy. There are a lot of digital options that empower businesses to build their audience and brand and attract more sales. 

Let’s look at five additional marketing strategies that brands should implement, along with an influencer social media strategy.

Build Your Brand’s Social Page

An influencer marketing strategy helps spread the word about your brand, but you should also have your own presence on social media platforms. Branded social media pages are a great way to build an audience and are critical to telling your story your way.

With consistent social posts, you can build a following, spread information on sales, and share your brand story. There are no inherent costs associated with this either. It is a great way to connect with a large audience, and influencer campaigns should all have your brand’s social media page tagged. This way, you can increase your audience size and drive the potential customer to your page, which will have more information and promotional content.

Have an SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is a defining part of any brand’s success. This allows them to get organic traffic and find prospective customers without going directly to them. SEO takes a lot of time to get right, but there are several different strategies that they should implement to become more effective.

Blog posts are a critical part of SEO. They allow brands to spread more content and rank for more keywords. Another helpful area for SEO is social media marketing, particularly on platforms like YouTube. Creating YouTube videos in relevant categories will show up on both Google and YouTube, making brands more visible to organic traffic. There are numerous other options, but ensure 

Develop Landing Pages

Your influencer marketing strategy should lead somewhere. If you are getting an influencer to share a link or have a link embedded on your social page, it should take customers on a journey. While many brands choose to make their influencer marketing link directly to a sales page, others prefer the effectiveness of a landing page.

A landing page is a page created specifically for a campaign to further the customer journey. Creating a landing page alongside your influencer marketing outreach will make the experience a more natural progression for your targeted customer. It will make your social marketing strategy more effective, and it is well worth the time for brands to develop high-quality landing pages.

Create an Effective Email Pipeline

Influencer marketing spreads the message of your brand on a large scale, depending on the size of the audience of the influencer. But one of the additional marketing channels brands should focus on is email marketing. It is less natural and authentic than user-generated content, but it can be highly effective.

Email marketing allows brands to go directly to their customers rather than waiting for their customers to come to them. Some difficulties are associated with it, and it will require a CRM and great copy. Email marketing can be done as either cold outreach or to nurture leads already in place, but it is typically most effective when brands are already known to the consumer they’re targeting. It is a more aggressive tactic but yields massive results for some brands.

Foster Conversation on Social Media

Once you have your branded social media page established, you’ll have a lot of options for how to use it. One of the most important ways you can use your social pages is as a way to generate conversation. Engagement is an essential part of a popular social media page, so try finding new ways to engage your audience.

This can include things like a giveaway contest, where users share a post from the brand to their story or page and can win a giveaway. It can also include posts where brands ask questions or use built-in survey features. Trying to get people’s opinions is a great way to open communication and get more engagement on your content.

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