Live streamed video is extremely popular right now. On just about every major social media channel, live video draws a huge supply of viewers. Social media users love the authenticity of live streaming, the interactive nature, and how it feels like they are spending time with the social media creators they love. That is one of the big reasons why live streamed influencer marketing has become a viable option for brands.

According to Tech Jury, 63% of people aged 18-34 watch live streaming content regularly. There is a huge market for live streamed video content, and brands that aren’t focusing on this area are missing out. If you want to develop a successful live streaming strategy, it will take time and effort. However, building your live streamed influencer marketing campaigns can yield significant results.

Let’s look at some of the important steps brands need to take to develop a live streamed influencer marketing campaign that brings significant results.

Find the Right Platform

You will have a lot of different platforms to choose from for live streaming. Live streaming is supported on almost every social media channel, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more. There are also social platforms like Twitch, which are entirely dedicated to hosting live streaming videos. Brands will have to determine which of these platforms best suits their target audience.

For example, with a platform like Twitch, you can find a very specific audience. Twitch caters to fans of video games, and its audience skews young and male. 73% of Twitch’s user base is between the ages of 16 and 34. 65% of their users are male. If this aligns with your targeted audience, Twitch is a great platform for your campaign.

Try Different Types of Stream Promotions

There are a lot of different kinds of influencer marketing strategies you can choose to implement on a live stream. It depends on the type of stream you agree upon with the influencer you are working with. The type of stream is dependent on the advertising that the influencer is willing to do.

Some influencers will do things like a shout-out, where they’ll mention your brand or product at the start of a stream or read a sponsored ad. Other streamers will do more hands-on streams, such as a haul or a product demo. These will bring your products to the forefront of the conversation, but they will likely be costlier. Trying different types of streams will help you find one right for you.

Foster Engagement

One of the reasons streams are such an effective form of content is because they are authentic and engaging. Just about every social channel has a streaming feature where streamers can see questions or comments from their viewers and answer them. Live video streams bring the viewers in and feel like more of a shared experience. Try and lean into that with your live streamed influencer marketing.

You can do this by getting your influencer to ask their audience for questions about your product and provide them with answers. Once again, this is likely a more costly form of influencer marketing, but it is worth it to ignite a conversation.

Ask Influencer to Push a CTA

If you are sponsoring a live stream, you must have an end goal in mind. You need to be pushing for some result or outcome, and it should be clear what that is. Whether you want people to visit your website, follow your social page, or purchase a new product, ensure that the influencer you are partnering with includes a call to action.

This will require you to provide your partnered influencer with clear instructions. Tell them what your goal is, or write out your call to action for them to ensure that it is done right. This will drastically improve the likelihood that you see results from your campaign.

Track Results

While live streaming feels sporadic and in the moment, that doesn’t mean that brands can’t track how they’ve performed. Much like a static post, you can still see the impact that a live streamed influencer marketing video has performed. There are conventional ways to track it, such as the viewers, comments, and likes. You can also look at whether it impacted your business.

By giving influencers a discount code, brands can see how many people made purchases due to their content. Brands can also track new followers and see how their website engagement spiked during or after the live stream. It is important to follow up and track the results to ensure that the stream was worth your time.

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