One of the aspects of influencer marketing that makes it such a staple of a social media strategy is the perceived authenticity of influencers. They seem real to us because they let us in much more than traditional celebrities. Influencers often show us every aspect of their lives, their day-to-day experiences, and because of that, we inevitably trust them more than other types of famous figures. One of the content formats that highlight users’ access to influencers is live video. This is a rising trend that is popular worldwide and something marketers should be focusing on.

Live video content is available on multiple different platforms. Influencers can go live with Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more. It is a content format that has, in recent years, become a staple. Twitch has risen to popularity recently, and it is entirely centered around live streaming video. Live video is incredibly popular all around the world. Recently, two influencers in China combined to generate billions of dollars in sales by recommending products through live streams.

Live video is all the more authentic because it is less contrived than a typical social post. There are real reactions and real responses, and users feel more involved because they are watching it in real-time. There is a lot to be done with live streaming for influencer marketers. It is a great way to affordably acquire the services of social media influencers, and while it lacks the permanence of a fixed post, there is a huge audience for live-streamed content.

Benefits of Live Streaming

The average influencer marketer has options. There are a lot of different pathways to success out there, with everything from Snapchat and Twitch to Pinterest and TikTok influencer marketing. In this sea of options, what makes live streaming content stand out? Several core factors differentiate live video content. Let’s look at some of the key benefits to live influencer marketing for brands.

One of the upsides to live streaming is that it is more engaging on a 1:1 basis. Unlike a fixed post from an influencer, where influencers typically aren’t interacting with followers, live streams are about interactivity. There is a chat bar on the typical live stream, where people ask questions, make comments, and the streamer responds. This can foster more of a back-and-forth regarding a product. If an influencer is doing a product demo live stream, they can engage their users more personally, answer questions, and incentivize sales. This makes it a highly engaging content format that can yield serious results.

Another benefit to live streaming is the massive audience size. Every platform from YouTube to Twitch allows live video, and there have been some streams with massive results. The most concurrent viewers on a Twitch stream at one time was 2.47 million, while a live YouTube stunt by RedBull had eight million concurrent viewers. Live streams can capture massive audiences, and the power of product placement or demonstration in one of these videos is like being featured in a commercial during a major sporting event. It might even have more impact because everyone watching is a fan of the influencer promoting your product.

Live streaming video also provides quantifiable results. You can see straight away the impact the product placement has had. It isn’t like an influencer post, where results trickle in over a longer period. With live video, most of the impact is finished within 24 hours. This can lead to a short-term boost in sales and provide long-term brand awareness.

Live video is a content format with a global reach that influencer marketers should now be eyeing. It is extremely popular amongst younger audiences, attracts massive viewership, and engages viewers. Whether you are seeking to market on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or any other platforms that support live video, it is a high-impact decision that can yield significant results.

A Rising Content-Format for the Future

Live video has a young user base that prefers it and has also established a global reach. Mukbang videos are videos of influencers live-streaming themselves eating different foods. These videos are some of the most popular streams worldwide, launching from South Korea to become a trend everywhere. These types of videos aren’t going away as long as there is an audience for them, and there increasingly is. From North America to Europe and Asia, live influencer content is a rising trend geared towards the future. Marketers should make sure to get involved with this format early or risk falling behind.

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