The world of social media has changed dramatically in a very short period. Not long ago, MySpace and Friendster dominated the early internet, and social media was a fledgling industry. Now, social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok dominate the world, standing as multi-billion-dollar corporations with huge power and control over consumers.

Understanding the modern landscape is important for influencer marketing. This helps marketers understand who uses what social networks and which ones are the best marketing channels. How people use social platforms, the kinds of people that use each one, and what people look for on these channels are all important information to understand. Luckily, there is a lot of data on social media usage.

Let’s look at some of the jaw-dropping statistics that show how modern social media users are using social media in their daily life.

20% of Gen Zers Spend 5+ Hours a Day on TikTok- Social Media Today

TikTok skyrocketed to popularity, shooting up the download charts faster than any social media platform we’ve ever seen. It has become one of the most popular social platforms, with over a billion monthly active users. These users are young, and they are highly involved in the platform.

One-fifth of all Gen Z users, who make up a large percentage of TikTok’s users, use the app for over five hours daily. That is an astounding number that showcases just how engaged TikTok users are. This is why TikTok influencer marketing is as popular as it is.

A Higher Percentage of 50-64-Year-Old US Adults Use Facebook Than 18-29- Statista

Facebook has long been the dominant social media platform. It remains one of the social channels most widely used by marketers, but its demographics are shifting. While most Americans use the platform, Facebook is currently more popular with older audiences than younger ones.

A higher percentage of American 50-64-year-olds are on the platform than 18-29-year-olds. This shows the shifting demographics of Facebook users. The platform is still extremely relevant for marketers, but it may have lost some of the “cool factor” that defined it in its early days. It is still a highly-valuable channel for digital marketing.

50% of Users are More Interested in a Brand When They See an Ad for it on Instagram- Instagram

While Facebook has lost much of its trendiness among younger audiences, one of the other social channels owned by Meta retains the cool factor. Instagram has fewer monthly users, but a significant amount skew toward the younger side. Instagram is a great channel for influencer marketing, with a range of different users and a ton of user-generated content. It also has a high impact on consumer preferences.

Half of all users are more inclined towards a brand when they see it advertised on Instagram. That makes it a hugely valuable marketing source for businesses that want to connect with consumers.

The Percentage of US Adults with Social Media Accounts Increased from 10% in 2008 to 79% in 2021- Broadband Search

Social media has soared in popularity since the start of the 21st century. But as recent as 14 years ago, it was something that was still not widely used by the average US consumer. Only 10% of Americans had social media accounts in 2008, and they were mostly younger people that were college-aged. Now, the situation has come full circle.

The vast majority of Americans are social media users. It isn’t just millennials and Gen Z. The user demographics span all age groups. While younger users remain more active than their older contemporaries, social media marketing has grown all the more viable in recent years because of the sheer scale of the user base.

92% of All Tweets Come from 10% of the Twitter Accounts- Blogging Wizard

Twitter is a social media platform widely ignored by influencer marketers, but it can provide value for businesses when used correctly. One of the defining aspects of Twitter is how vocal certain segments of the user base are. Of the hundreds of millions of Twitter accounts out there, only a few are consistently tweeting.

92% of all tweets come from just 10% of the accounts. If you are a social media marketer looking to partner with a Twitter influencer, finding one of that 10% is critical. This is the group with the biggest voice, the ones most likely to foster significant engagement.

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