The social media landscape is always evolving. Staying on top of the changes and transformations on these platforms is incredibly important. Whether it is a new platform releasing, or just new features, an influencer marketer should remain on top of the social media industry. Not all of the changes in the industry are dramatic. Sometimes there are small changes that can lead to long-term impacts.

Social media platforms are consistently competing amongst themselves for a share of the market. One of the ways they do this is by tweaking their formula, adding updates and changes that will make them stand out more for their users. Whether copying a competitor’s formula or adding something completely new and innovative, social platforms are constantly making updates, feature changes, and more.

Not all of these will be relevant for influencer marketers. Many of these changes are minor and have no impact on the platform’s future. However, some changes and added features can offer influencer marketers intriguing new options. Let’s look at some new changes and tweaks in social media that influencer marketers should know.

TikTok Adds a Friends Feature

TikTok is a platform where the algorithm reigns supreme. The algorithm will give users an array of new videos and content on their For You page that is built around their preferences. Most of the For You page content is from social media creators that users don’t follow. This benefits influencer marketers.

One new feature will change that. The Friends feature is a new way of consuming content on TikTok. It shows users only content from people they are friends with, who follow and follow them back. This will not surpass the For You page, but it could be a problem for influencer marketers if it does.

LinkedIn Adds a Newsletter Feature

LinkedIn is a platform that is becoming viable for influencer marketers. It has several features that make it stand out as a platform to reach a specific kind of audience. It has quickly become a top option for B2B influencer marketing. One new feature will give influencer marketers a new area on LinkedIn to explore.

The LinkedIn Newsletter will make it easy for influencers to create high-quality newsletters that are comprehensive and stand out. This can be a great place for an influencer to post brands and open up an additional LinkedIn influencer marketing pathway.

TikTok Extends Video Length

TikTok influencer marketing has always revolved around the short-form video content that makes this app stand out. TikTok videos have long been contained to short, punchy content, and it is a great way for brands to communicate in the method Gen Z currently prefers most. However, those three-minute video limits have now changed.

TikTok recently changed its formula and is no longer limiting videos to three minutes. The new limit is ten minutes, a much more substantial amount of time. While most of the videos will remain short and punchy, this can allow influencer marketers to have longer, more informative content shared on the platform if that suits their preferences.

Instagram Algorithm Changes

Just like TikTok is defined by its algorithm, so too is Instagram. Instagram is a platform where users browse their newsfeed, and Instagram expertly conjures up content that aligns with consumers’ preferences. However, there will now be some structural changes to the algorithm, which will allow users to make more decisions over what they see.

Users can now change their feed to display posts chronologically, according to who they follow, or even just a select group of people they’ve favored. This might make it harder for influencers’ content to appear on users’ feeds.

YouTube Shorts Continuing Growth

While this isn’t a particularly new update, some of the changes around it are. In 2021, YouTube launched its YouTube Shorts feature. This was intended as a way to combat TikTok and Instagram Reels. It is a way of using YouTube centered around the mobile experience. Vertical videos are uploaded and have strict time limits, much like TikTok.

The growth of YouTube Shorts has increased dramatically. It has been around worldwide for less than a year and is getting 6.5 billion global viewers daily. This may be a new area that influencer marketers should consider exploring. It is punchy, mobile-friendly, and growing.

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