When it comes to social media marketing, you rarely know the next big thing until it arrives. When TikTok arrived, there was a significant amount of time before its number of active users skyrocketed, and marketers took note, launching a TikTok influencer marketing strategy. It takes time for people to start catching onto a social network en masse, but once a platform becomes trendy and popular, its user base can climb to incredible heights.

For influencer marketers, being aware of emerging platforms is important. You can better understand the social media landscape and potentially have a higher understanding of the next big thing before it even arrives. This can be a competitive advantage, positioning you at the forefront of an industry. While there is no sure way to know what the next social channel to take off will be, keeping your eyes peeled on different platforms is critical for social media marketers.

Numerous platforms are arriving seemingly every day, each offering something different to consumers and digital marketers. There are a lot of options and no sure things. Let’s look at five different social networks that could attract large user bases and stand out to marketers down the road.


TikTok is an app based on short-form video; Twitter is dedicated to short-form writing. These are apps with clear-cut value props to consumers. Clubhouse is similar. It is an app based on audio. This is an app where users can create, host, and join different chat rooms centered around vocal conversation.

Clubhouse launched in 2020 and has amassed a significant user base of around 10 million. The potential for Clubhouse influencer marketing is significant, with brands paying users to market and endorse in groups and large chat rooms.


BeReal is a social platform that seeks to address one of the biggest perceived problems with social media. Filters and editing are detrimental to consumer well-being by leading to unrealistic beauty standards that can never be attained. BeReal is an app that is combatting this with a simple concept no filters, no editing, just real.

This app gets users to connect virtually with friends and share pictures at different times every day that are authentic and natural. While there is no influencer marketing on the app, if it grows, they’ll need to monetize. This concept is something people can connect with, and the bigger it becomes, the more viable for influencer marketing it will be.


Live streaming is all the rage right now. Whether it is YouTube or Twitch, more and more people every day are subscribing to channels and following their favorite content creators in real-time. Caffeine is quickly becoming a large part of the live-streaming ecosystem. Caffeine is seeking to reinvent live streaming, hosting gamers, athletes, and entertainers, emphasizing user interactivity.

Caffeine focuses on chat and connectivity, and some major content creators now use the platform. This makes it a great medium for marketers seeking to get into the live streaming game.


TikTok is the fastest growing social media channel on the planet, crossing a billion monthly active users faster than any platform ever before. It is centered around short-form video content, and Triller is staking its claim as a competitor centered around the same medium. The key difference with Triller is that it uses AI for editing, and it will compile clips to music for you.

Triller also has collaboration tools that allow people to create videos with friends asynchronously. It has 65 million monthly active users and is in the fledgling phase of acquiring advertisers but could grow rapidly.


As the popularity of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality grows, the likelihood of the metaverse becoming a central social gathering place will increase. Social media platforms built to operate within this new sphere of technology and communication will thrive. Octi is a platform built on creating through the AR and the metaverse.

It allows users to post and create with Augmented Reality, earning coins for successful content that can go towards products in the metaverse. Some creators have significant followings, and influencer marketers could leverage this platform as a way to enter a new form of social media that could become ubiquitous.

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