Brands experience varying levels of success with their influencer marketing outreach. A big part of that is the content they choose to share. While a big part of the impact of an influencer marketing campaign has to do with the content creators brands partner with, there are decisions brands make that can impact their success.

If you want to use influencers to share rich and high-value content, you will need to come up with ways to help the influencers along the way. You know your brand better than anyone, what makes it stand out, and why your target audience should want to buy it. If you want to create high-performing influencer content, you have to develop ways to make it stand out from the constant stream of ads and posts on the average newsfeed.

Improving your online content can be done by providing instructions to influencers on what you are looking for. There are several different ways you can spruce up the content of your posts to make them more appealing. Let’s look at five ways to inject life into your influencer marketing content.

Tell Your Story

Social media is inherently a medium that revolves around telling stories. Successful social media marketers understand this and make their content centered around stories. Having a brand story is a core part of branding and something that will help you stick in the mind of consumers. If you want to make your influencer content pop, make it revolve around your brand story.

Provide copy for influencers to post on their sponsored content where they discuss who your brand is and how and why you came to be. Keep it short and punchy, but having a good story is key to leaving a lasting impression.

Create Humorous Copy

Whether you are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok influencer marketing, one thing holds across platforms: humor will always play. While some people go to social media to get their news or connect with friends, most people go online to kill time and have a laugh. Creating written copy for your influencer posts that adds an element of humor will likely increase the engagement it receives.

People will generally enjoy content more if it has humor. If you are working with influencers, you can tell them what your vision is and provide them with the content copy, so they know the lens you are looking to have.

Give Influencers Autonomy

If there’s anyone equipped to generate content that connects well with a target audience and generates buzz on social media, it is an influencer. Many brands get too caught up in trying to create something authentic to their brand, but influencers have the best understanding of their own audience. Giving your influencers some creative freedom can go a long way.

The reason influencers are so popular, whether they are micro-influencers or celebrity influencers because they have figured out how to connect with a specific group. Authenticity and audience-building understanding are key to an influencer’s platform. Don’t over constrain them, and provide a significant degree of creative freedom.

Explain Your Unique Value Prop

If you are introducing yourself to consumers and hoping to get them to purchase your product, there is a small window for you to sell yourself. Influencers help provide a large platform and trusted endorsement for a brand, but ultimately, your product or service will have to appeal to consumers to generate sales.

To make your brand appealing, ensure that your unique value prop is shared in the influencer posts. Create a short script that details why your brand is a standout option, what you can offer, and what sets you apart from other options on the market. Make it efficient and short because the attention spans of social media users are not typically long.

Make it a Giveaway

If you are searching for a quick and impactful way to gain traction on social media, a giveaway is a top-notch option. Numerous brands have experienced social media booms by creating effective giveaways using influencer marketing. The idea is simple. Get an influencer with a significant follower count to announce the giveaway. Social media users can earn free product by sharing or engaging with this content.

What this does is get free user-generated content spread across social media. It increases the desirability of your product and, in general, can be a significant way of creating buzz around your brand.

If you want to jumpstart your social outreach, partnering with an influencer marketing firm is the way to do this. Influence Hunter is a top influencer marketing agency with years of high-level experience helping brands create impactful and customizable campaigns that deliver on strategic goals. Contact Us Today to find out how we can help grow your business.

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