One of the biggest problems marketers face is finding a way to bypass potential customers’ ad fatigue. Consumers are worn out from seeing the same ads from the same brands in the same format. It is exhausting, and in today’s day, the average person is constantly barraged and inundated with different ads. There is no refuge from marketing outreach, whether it is billboards on their drives home, scripted ads when they listen to their podcasts, or commercials when watching TV.

This remains true on social media when brands pull out all the stops trying to appeal to their target audience. Brands have no choice but to market to consumers even with high consumer fatigue. They just have to find a way to reach consumers in a way that they want to be reached, in a way that bypasses this exhaustion.

One of the best ways to receive the desired customer response on social media is utilizing influencers. Whether you are Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok influencer marketing, getting custom content from a skilled, reliable influencer is a great way to combat ad fatigue. The average person is following numerous different influencers, and this form of marketing lets brands capitalize on that. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways creative content from a social media creator can help brands break through ad fatigue.

Trusted Figures

People inherently aren’t the most trusting of brands. This makes sense because many consumers are likely to regard the relationship between brands and consumers as a transactional one. The brand wants something out of the consumer; they are trying to achieve the desired result, typically a sale. This doesn’t carry over to influencers. People genuinely like and trust the influencers they follow. That is a large part of why influencer user-generated content is so valuable. They are trusted, sought-after figures on the social media platform they post on.

The numbers back this up. According to data from Shopify, only 38% of consumers trust branded social media content. Meanwhile, 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations. People aren’t likely to trust something that feels inauthentic and impersonal. Yet, the relationship between brands and influencers doesn’t feel that way to consumers. Many influencers won’t post for products they don’t vouch for. Part of the issue with ad fatigue is that social media users filter out content because they don’t trust it. With influencer marketing campaigns, this isn’t the case.

Native Content

Part of the annoyance of advertising is that it takes us out of something. One moment, we’re watching our favorite TV show. The next, we are being sold a vacuum cleaner. People tend to disconnect when distracted from the programming they’re searching for, often just tuning out the ad. Original content from an influencer doesn’t present the same issue. Influencer posts are on the same platform and in the same format as the potential customer’s authentic content. This serves to break down some of the annoyance and separating aspects of marketing.

Native content is when the advertising appears to match the form and function of the platform where it is located. That is one of the driving appeals of influencer marketing. It appears just like any other post on a consumer’s newsfeed. It is a type of marketing that doesn’t take a customer away from anything but keeps them in it. Advertisements, in general, can be a nuisance. No one likes to be bothered with marketing while enjoying something else, but with authentic content from an influencer, the prospective customer remains engaged.

Based on User’s Choices

As we mentioned previously, part of the annoyance and exhaustion from ads is how we often feel they are forced upon us. One moment we are enjoying something else, the next an advertisement is imposed on our brain. The native nature of influencer marketing makes that less of a problem. Another great aspect of it is that it is based on consumers’ choices. For starters, they can choose to easily scroll past the influencer content, making it less of an imposition. Secondly, the content comes from someone the prospective customer has chosen to follow.

Whether you are a micro-influencer marketing agency or a brand using influencers to drum up interest, one thing remains consistent on many platforms. Consumers are choosing to see the content that shows up on their newsfeed. While TikTok uses a For You page, Instagram and Facebook only have content from people the consumer already follows. That means the marketing outreach goes out to people that are invested and interested in the influencer. It isn’t tiring to see for prospective customers because it is their choice to see the ad and the creator who posted it.

If you are looking to launch an influencer marketing strategy, finding a top influencer marketing agency to partner with is a great way to do this. Influence Hunter is an influencer marketing firm with years of experience helping brands create and deploy effective and customizable influencer campaigns that deliver major results. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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