Influencer marketing is dependent on consumers being willing to purchase something based on the advice of someone they don’t personally know. It is word of mouth marketing taken to a different level, where influencers’ platforms and established reputation work to help brands reach new consumers. Whether marketing on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or any other social media platform, influencer marketing is built on the idea that if an influencer recommends a product, a number of their followers will be influenced to buy. But why?

Why is it that so many brands are convinced of the value of influencers’ endorsements? Influencer marketing has become a widely utilized form of marketing very quickly, and some may wonder whether influencer recommendations even matter. How could it be that a post from a relative stranger could spur buyer action?

But the reality is influencer endorsements matter. They are a proven marketing method that drives sales and converts new customers. Below, we’ve given you a breakdown of some of the key reasons why a recommendation from an influencer can have a major impact on brands.

Consumers Use Social Media Specifically for Recommendations

One of the misconceptions about influencer marketing is that it has to be native. Influencer marketing is an effective form of native advertising because it reaches customers through the mediums they already rely on. Still, the native nature of it is not the biggest reason for its success. In fact, many consumers head to Instagram and TikTok because they want to see these advertisements. Influencers are a source of recommendations and advice that the average consumer has become very reliant on.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. This is almost half of the purchasing public. The desire for recommendations is even more pronounced with women, with the same report showing that 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice.

Influencers are people that consumers aspire towards. They want to hear their advice and their sponsored recommendations. Even if they are aware they are advertisements, the typical social media user still wants to hear the recommendations from their favorite influencers.

Influencers Are Trusted Above Brands and Celebrities

A big part of getting someone to buy something is earning their trust. They have to trust that what you are offering is quality, that you will deliver what you say you will, that you are a company worth purchasing from. Earning this trust is no easy thing. It takes some time to persuade consumers, which is the difficulty in attracting first-time customers. This can be bypassed with influencers, who already have earned their followers’ trust. In fact, influencers are trusted more than brands and traditional celebrities.

According to the same report from the Digital Marketing Institute, 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. Traditional celebrities likely seem too inaccessible, while influencers have a much more personal relationship with their fans. A Matter Survey revealed that 61% of influencers trust a recommendation from an influencer, while only 28% are likely to trust a recommendation from a brand.

Influencer marketing effectively utilizes the trust consumers have for influencers to work on your behalf. The reason influencer marketing works is because consumers trust the people they follow. The reason for this? That brings us to our next point.

Perceived Authenticity

The reason people trust influencers over celebrities and brands is that they are perceived to be real-life, everyday people. This helps them seem much more authentic to their followers and helps them gain their trust. Many consumers have developed an attachment and connection to their favorite influencers that far exceeds the boundaries of a typical fan relationship.

According to a Google report, a shocking 40% of millennial subscribers in a survey say their favorite influencer understands them better than their friends. Some consumers’ connection to influencers is so strong that they don’t just feel like they know the influencer; they feel like the influencer knows them.

The idea people have that influencers are authentic, grounded people is a major asset to brands. Using that connection for the benefit of your business is an easy way to have established trust and a base of customers that are likely to be interested in your product, purely based on influencer recommendations. That is a massive power that influencers have, with their ability to foster a sense of realness and authenticity with their follower base. That is a big reason an influencer recommendation has such a significant value.

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