Handling an influencer marketing campaign is a significant task that requires a major time investment. It is a lot of work, from developing the target audience and contacting the influencers to ensuring the campaign runs smoothly. It also requires a high-level understanding of different social media platforms and the influencers on them. With so much effort and experience needed, most businesses opt to partner with influencer marketing firms.

Influencer marketing agencies are professionals with careers dedicated to influencer marketing. They have forged relationships with content creators in the past, know the work required to create a campaign, and understand how social platforms work. Partnering with an influencer marketing agency requires investment from businesses, but the upside is worth it. Agencies create campaigns with higher ROIs without the same need for time investment from a business.

Like other industries, influencer marketing has a huge number of agencies that compete for clients. A business will have a lot of options to choose from. So what sets an agency apart in this competitive market? Let’s look at some defining traits that make for a great influencer marketing agency.

Customizable Campaigns

If you’re going to pay for a campaign, you better be certain that the campaign fits your business. Some influencer marketing firms provide copy-and-paste campaigns for their clients with little regard for their individual needs. Every business is different, and each brand will have unique needs for its campaigns. Finding a firm that can manage these unique needs is a must.

An influencer marketing campaign should be customized to a brand’s target audience, goals for the campaign, and budget. Every campaign should be different. Finding an influencer marketing firm that creates campaigns suited to your business’ goals and needs is essential.

Social Media Experience

Social media is complicated. If you are launching a campaign on a platform, having a significant understanding of each social network’s forms, trends, and content style is an advantage. Knowing the marketing methods required to launch a high-performing campaign will lead to success, but the average business doesn’t have the time or experience to understand these platforms in-depth.

 A top influencer marketing agency should be extremely well-versed in the major platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube that drive the influencer marketing industry. They should know the type of content that works and doesn’t and understand the individual differences between influencer marketing on each platform.

Influencer Connections

Forging connections with influencers is what this marketing channel revolves around. Connecting with these content creators and developing a strong partnership is easier said than done. It takes time and effort for a business to message influencers, learn their costs, and ensure they share the sponsored social media post. An influencer marketing agency has the connections to do all these things at scale.

Influencer marketing agencies typically have run hundreds if not thousands of campaigns. In that time, they’ve worked with a vast number of influencers. They know how to recruit these social media creators at a significant scale and have the time and resources to figure out logistical details.

Clear Communication

With any large campaign, it will be a long-term process. Influencer campaigns don’t happen overnight; typically, a campaign takes months to develop, launch, and maintain. What’s important throughout this entire experience is that there is clear communication between the brand and the influencer marketing agency. 

A top influencer marketing agency will ensure consistent contact with the brand. That updates are shared frequently and that it is as transparent of a process as it can be. Tweaks and changes to the campaign are necessary for successful outreach, and communication ensures that process is fast and effective.

High Level of Organization

A disorganized campaign can be a disaster. If there is no follow-up with influencers or product isn’t sent on time, marketing efforts can be completely derailed. That is why having a highly organized influencer marketing agency is a key differentiator. Campaigns require a significant amount of coordination and punctuality. An influencer marketing firm that can handle that is crucial.

If influencers aren’t responded to promptly or don’t receive their payment or products when they were told they would, they will disengage. The agency must ensure everything happens on time, that each influencer is communicated with effectively, and that the campaign plan is implemented properly. This requires a significant degree of organization.

Influence Hunter is an agency with years of experience partnering with brands ranging from global corporations to rising startups to develop high-performing, customizable campaigns. Contact Us Today to find out how we can grow your business.

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