If you are looking to reach new customers with your social media content, you have to speak the language of the platforms you are on. That is why so many brands favor influencer marketing. Rather than having to learn the language and ways things are done on a new platform, businesses can recruit influencers that are fluent in that particular platform. Influencers have gained significant followings by being up-to-date with the latest on their platforms, and because of this, they are great marketing ambassadors for brands.

Social media trends are constantly changing. They can be commonly used filters, trendy topics, and more. While every social media platform has its trends, they’re particularly essential on TikTok. TikTok trends move at a rapid pace. It can be certain sounds, dances, or topics, but they are constantly recycled and re-used, serving as in-jokes and a uniting talking point for the community.

It may not seem important to keep up with these trends if you are in the TikTok influencer marketing or social media marketing business, but it is. These trends are a key part of the user experience on these platforms, and the more up-to-date with them that you are, the likelier it is that your content will find a bigger audience. Whether you are looking to use an influencer marketing firm or create your marketing content, trends are important. Let’s explore some of the benefits of remaining current on the biggest social media trends.

Viral Potential

Social media marketing aims to get as much positive exposure to your brand as possible from the right purchasing demographic. The more eyeballs on your marketing content, the better. That is why so many businesses pay top dollar for influencers with high follower counts to post their products. However, on a platform like TikTok, that might not be necessary.

TikTok is the most democratic platform when it comes to viral content. A post from someone with 1,000 followers can end up getting a million likes if it is a great piece of content that catches on. The typical video that will reach the most amount of people on TikTok will be on-trend.

Videos that utilize the sounds and styles currently sweeping TikTok have a much more significant viral potential. If one of your social media marketing pieces goes viral, that can have massive value for your brand. The ideal way to give your content the lift it needs to reach as many people as possible is to conform to the trends of the current videos that have gone most viral.

More Native Content

The more your content blends in with the rest of the content on your target audience’s social media feed, the less like an advertisement it appears. That is the reason that influencer marketing is such an effective advertising medium. It utilizes the people social media users have already chosen to follow, who they like and want to see on their feed, to advertise to them. There is already a connection that brands can leverage for their own purposes.

If you follow trends and adapt your marketing to fit them, your advertising will appear more native and in line with what users expect on their social media page. Ad fatigue is a serious issue that brands need to find a way to workaround. People are fed up with seeing the same kinds of marketing from the same brands and are exhausted with ads in general. Native social media content that aligns with what users enjoy on their feed can bypass this fatigue.

Using trends with your influencer marketing or your social media marketing is a great way to make it blend in and appear less like an ad. This will make users less likely to scroll right past it, leading to a higher click rate and a more successful campaign.

Brands that Show Proof of Concept

If you check TikTok, you’ll find many different brands that ve identified that the best way for them to reach as many people as possible is by embracing the platform’s trends. Several different examples stand out and have managed to accrue a huge following.

The first example is Ryanair. This Irish budget airline doesn’t have the best reputation amongst travelers looking for luxury experiences, but on TikTok, they’re a smash hit. Ryanair has found its way to 39 million likes and 1.4 million followers because their content team gets it. Their videos are not marketing content; they’re jokes and trends, following the format of TikTok to a tee. They utilize their staff for fun, comedic videos with the brand front and center.

Duolingo is a brand that has done something similar. Duolingo is a language learning website that has accrued a massive user base in its decade of existence, attracting over 500 million users. On TikTok, they speak the language of social media fluently. They have two million TikTok followers and have over 34 million likes. They use their mascot, a green owl, to participate in dance trends and make joking videos that are entirely aligned with what the primary conversation on TikTok has centered around for that day or week.

Staying current with trends won’t always lead to immediate success, but it’s been proven successful as a strategy. The platforms you use for your marketing aren’t just a way to reach a wider audience; they should guide the type of content you are posting.

If you’re looking to take your influencer marketing outreach to the next level, partnering with a top influencer marketing agency is the way to do it. Influence Hunter is a team of social media experts that have helped brands across industries develop highly successful, customizable campaigns. To find out more about how we can help your business, get in touch with us today.

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