The preparation process before influencer marketing campaigns is a pivotal aspect that defines the success brands find with their social media marketing. There is a lot to know and do before launching influencer marketing strategies. Rushing into an influencer campaign without familiarizing yourself with the social media platform, content style, and type of influencers you hope to use could yield disappointing results.

Whether you are using influencer marketing for a product launch, branding purposes, or just trying to grow your audience, the pre-campaign phase is critical. Let’s look at some of the factors brands need to consider before starting their influencer marketing campaigns.

Define Your Audience

Before you make any major moves for your influencer marketing campaign, you should define your target customers. Every successful influencer marketing campaign is the product of a brand knowing its audience and successfully implementing a campaign geared towards them. Having a set audience is incredibly important.

Influencer outreach works best when brands have a specific kind of person they are trying to target. This should guide your influencer selection and the social influencers your partner with. The more clear and specific, the better you can implement a campaign directly targeted to your desired audience.

Know Your Niche

One important factor to consider with influencer marketing is the niche you want to center your campaign around. Niche influencer campaigns offer a way for brands to work with influencers that are already operating and have a defined following in the space they want to reach. There are an array of influencers specializing their content in a certain niche, which can have huge benefits for brands that are also hoping to reach the same niche.

Some of the popular influencer niches that brands can target include health and wellness, fitness, home and décor, fashion, and beyond. This is a high-impact way for brands to reach their target audience.

Have Product Ready

One situation that consistently arises is when brands lack the product to support their campaign. They establish a large campaign, find a group of willing influencers up for sharing content for product, and then find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of product they need to support a large campaign. Don’t be that loses out on influencer posts because you weren’t planning for a large supply of orders.

Have all your product set before you launch your campaign. It is always better to be over-prepared, so have a surplus of product ready to go. If you don’t have the capacity for something like this, consider a smaller campaign or pay influencers instead of relying on influencer gifting.

Understand Your Platform

The platform you are centering your influencer marketing campaign should guide how you operate. Whether you are Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok influencer marketing, gaining in-depth knowledge about the platform you intend to use will yield the best results. For example, if you are influencer marketing on Instagram, familiarizing yourself with the various features and styles of the platform will help your campaign dramatically.

Each social media platform has different content styles and posts that dominate the newsfeed. Learning the different forms will give your content a significant edge on its performance. Another factor to consider is the different influencers on each platform. Each platform has different influencers that utilize them. Exploring the social media channel you intend to base your campaign on will help you gain familiarity with the different influencers you can use for your campaign.


An influencer marketing campaign has a lot of moving parts. It is complicated and requires extensive planning, and brands should be willing to do their research if they want to see the best outcomes. There are a lot of different components of the preparation for a high-performing influencer campaign, ranging from learning more about the platform you are using and preparing for significant product distribution to defining your audience and familiarizing yourself with your targeted niche.

Brands need to focus on preparation to see the best outcome on campaigns. With these four primary factors in mind, brands can enter their influencer marketing campaigns with all their bases covered.

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