What is Pinterest?

Social media marketers need to extend their focus to encompass a wide array of platforms. There are so many people using the internet right now, and if you want to find success, branching out is your best bet. Each platform has different upsides and downsides that marketers should be aware of. For influencer marketers, the primary channels include websites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. But these are not the only options. Some influencer marketers have found significant success using other platforms. One of which is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social channel that won’t be for every brand. It stands apart from the typical social media platform because it is centered less on individual social feeds, like Instagram or Facebook, and more on sharing images that you like. Pinterest is a place where people go to do everything from finding recipes and home décor items to learning more about that newest fashion trend.

It is a visual discovery engine that is as much a search engine as it is a social platform. But because people can like others’ image collections, known as boards, and share between boards, there is a distinctly social element to the platform. It is a platform that people use very differently from the typical social channel, but there is still a strong element of consumerism tied into it.

Pinterest is known for its aspirational visual nature. People pin items they want or photos they aspire towards. This creates pathways for brands to reach new audiences.

Who Uses Pinterest?

Pinterest is a massive social platform with many highly active users. It is a global platform but is particularly popular within Canada and the United States. If you intend to use a platform for influencer marketing, understanding who is on that platform will help you decide whether it is a good fit and aligns with your target audience. Let’s explore who uses Pinterest.

According to Omnicore, Pinterest has a global monthly active user base of 478 million. This falls significantly below platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value to be found with Pinterest. The upside with Pinterest is that they have a user base that fits very well for certain niches.

The biggest demographic using Pinterest is females. The same Omnicore report showed that 77.1% of the Pinterest audience is female, which is a massive difference. Pinterest is an interesting area to focus on for brands that have a female target audience. Another big demographic on the platform are mothers. The same report showed that 80% of US mothers that use the internet use Pinterest. This means the platform has significant sway over a key target audience.

Pinterest users range in age, but it isn’t just for young audiences. The largest share of Pinterest users is over 45. This makes it a unique user base that Pinterest has, which is something marketers should note.

Can it be Used for Influencer Marketing?

With a highly desirable user base that brands would want to target, there is a lot of upside to influencer marketing on Pinterest. One platform facet that makes it extremely appealing to marketers is that many people use Pinterest for shopping. In a survey by eMarketer, 5% of respondents said they used Snapchat for shopping for products, 11% for Instagram, and 15% with Instagram. 47% of the respondents said they use Pinterest for shopping for products, easily the most of any platform listed.

It is a platform based on commerce and shopping, which should get any influencer marketer intrigued. They have also added features that will connect brands and influencers, known as Pin Collective. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, brands that use these features have to commit to a minimum media spend and then can work with top creators on the platform.

Brands can collaborate with creators to get things like sponsored pins on their boards or on the creators’ feeds, which can have a massive impact. Considering that the people using Pinterest are looking for things to buy, getting a post from a creator that aligns with your niche can bring a lot of high-quality, interested traffic to your website and increase sales.

Pinterest is a platform with a lot of potential for the right brands. If you have a product related to things like food, home décor, design, or fashion and are seeking to reach a female target audience, influencer marketing on Pinterest is a highly appealing social channel to consider.

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