Influencer marketing is a complicated thing. While it may, on the surface, appear quite simple- you connect with an influencer and negotiate a post, there’s a lot more that goes into it than one would think. Connecting with a large number of influencers and successfully organizing an entire campaign is something that typically requires industry knowledge, experience, and a lot of time.

Many different businesses initially try and take on an influencer marketing campaign on their own without the assistance of industry professionals. This industriousness is admirable, but this may not be for the best for the average company looking to launch its influencer marketing. Working with a company that simplifies the process and has the industry know-how to develop a professional-calibre influencer marketing campaign will better position you to succeed straight away.

Here are some ways working with an influencer marketing agency is more effective than running the campaign yourself.

Time Efficiency

When running a business, marketing is a huge part of growth strategy. But marketing and sales aren’t the entirety of what most businesses do, and influencer marketing is typically only one part of a larger overall strategy. If you’re running a company or leading a marketing team, time is money. Influencer marketing campaigns can be time-consuming processes. Engaging with a vast number of influencers with differing demands and requests can be a lot to manage.

These campaigns require a lot of back and forth and a lot of organization, and hiring an influencer marketing agency takes the weight of the job off your shoulders. An influencer marketing agency will handle the entirety of the campaign for you. They work with you in the planning phase to generate a custom-tailored strategy that suits your budget and your unique needs. They then will execute that strategy, freeing up time for the rest of your team to focus on other tasks.

An influencer marketing agency allows businesses to more passively execute their growth strategies through high-quality influencer marketing campaigns. This is the most time-efficient solution that will enable teams to focus on bigger-picture projects.

Industry Insights

Like every other industry, the more time you spend executing influencer marketing strategies, the better you understand it. Feeling out your campaigns on your own could lead to an influencer marketing strategy that doesn’t see an ROI as you try to learn the ropes of an often confusing industry. This is an area where influencer marketing agencies are vital. They are experienced professionals with pivotal industry insights that will lead to successful campaigns from the start.

Influencer marketing agencies have connections in the industry. They often have an extensive database of influencers they’ve worked with who have been productive partners in the past. They also understand the importance of marketing within niches and know how to reach out to influencers in a scalable way. They have the bandwidth to execute large campaigns and can work with brands to guide them through the development of a successful strategy.

Social media marketing is a business like any other, with standard practices and a need for industry knowledge. If you intend to launch your influencer marketing, diving in without professional help is more likely to lead to a campaign that doesn’t achieve the results you’re looking for. Partnering with an influencer marketing agency gives you access to a team with industry experience and knowledge to drive a successful strategy.

Data-Driven Campaigns

Data is an objective indicator of performance. While many different factors impact data, most of the time, data accurately reflects what it is measuring. When it comes to influencer marketing, data and analytics are critical indicators of the success of campaigns. Having these key details available to you can define the ROI of your future campaigns as you tweak your strategy based on their results.

Data is proven to improve results for marketing teams. According to TechJury, data analytics make decision-making 5x faster for businesses, and Marketing Evolution reports that data-driven campaigns see a 5-8x ROI for their spend. One of the key upsides to working with an influencer marketing agency is their business intelligence infrastructure that gives them the ability to track campaigns and return high-quality data that informs next steps.

Working with an influencer marketing agency will give you access to important data and analytics to drive future successful campaigns. Tracking this data without the help of an influencer marketing agency is a difficult task, so ensuring you get the information you’re looking for is essential.

A Partnership That Works

The advantages of working with professionals in the influencer marketing world are significant. It is a time-efficient solution that gives you access to vital industry insights and important data that informs the next steps. Building a high-quality influencer marketing strategy is a great way to grow your brand, and partnering with the right influencer marketing agency is an essential step in this process.

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