Influencer marketers have several primary choices when considering where to base their influencer marketing campaigns. There are many great social media platforms, and your decision on where you market should be based largely on your brand. Each platform brings something different to marketers, whether a content format, a type of audience, or a key feature. One thing that distinguishes one platform from another is the user base that uses it.

Every platform has a different kind of user base, whether the business-oriented crowd on LinkedIn or the community-minded group on Reddit. The key to success in influencer marketing is running campaigns on platforms that align with your target audience. This is different for every business, but if you are selling products through e-commerce, targeting a platform with a younger audience may be the right idea.

There are a lot of different social channels whose primary user base is young, like Gen Z or early millennials. Social media platforms that cater to this crowd are highly valuable for influencer marketers; let’s explore why.

Benefits of Social Channels with Young User Bases

If you are considering the ideal platform to run an influencer marketing campaign, a social channel with a user demographic that skews younger is a great place to start. There are several core perks to this that we are going to explore.

First and foremost, targeting a young user base helps your brand access the most desirable kind of consumers. Younger audiences are considered more on-trend and more open to buying products from new brands. Younger audiences like millennials are the most experimental consumers, meaning they are more likely to try new things and open to new brands. The least experimental consumers are seniors.

Another reason to focus your outreach on younger audiences is that they are much more likely and willing to make purchases online. A report from CNBC showed that 80% of younger consumers make impulse shopping decisions online. Younger audiences are more experimental and impulsive with their online shopping decisions, meaning they are more likely to see a social media influencer ad and act on it.

Younger generations also do much more shopping and shopping decision-making through social media. According to Forbes, 97% of Gen Z consumers say they use social media as their primary source of shopping inspiration. People in younger generations don’t just use social media for communication and updates; it is one of the biggest drivers of their consumption. This is advantageous for brands.

Younger generations are also more likely to respond to influencers. They’ve been raised in the influencer-driven society, and they are the biggest reason for its existence. 52% of Gen Z consumers seek out advice from influencers before purchasing a product, according to Thrive My Way. They are highly susceptible to influencers’ suggestions, making them perfect for influencer marketing.

Which Social Channels to Target

The benefits of targeting younger audiences are clear, but which platforms should be used to reach them? Every social channel has users of all ages, but certain channels will have older audiences, and certain ones will have younger audiences.

With that in mind, there are certain social platforms to avoid if you are looking to target younger audiences. According to Statista, 21% of US Facebook users are between the ages of 13 and 24, meaning the Gen Z presence on the platform is limited. Meanwhile, over 50% of the US users of Facebook are 35 and over. This makes it one of the platforms most dominated by older audiences.

Many other social platforms cater to younger audiences. Look at the user demographics of Snapchat, for example. Only 34% of the platform’s users are over 35. Meanwhile, 48% of the users of Snapchat are between the ages of 15-25, according to Statista. While Snapchat has some problems for influencer marketers, it is one of the largest social channels with the youngest user base.

Another platform with an incredibly young user base is TikTok. According to Wallaroo Media, 61% of US TikTok users are between ten and 29. Considering how massive its user base is and how trendy the app has become, this is an incredibly young user base. This is part of why many have heralded TikTok influencer marketing as the next big thing.

A young audience can lead to successful influencer campaigns, and several great platforms make targeting this demographic possible.

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