Snapchat was once seen as a platform with unknown potential. It had a large, young user base and an intriguing format for communication, but monetization was a problem. Several years in, Snapchat has redefined much of what its platform offers. Yes, its primary form remains the same, with short picture messages that delete after a period of time. But there is more to it now. Snapchat has tons of sponsored content, original shows, and even a TikTok-like Spotlight feature.

Along the way, Snapchat has become a viable avenue for the average brand or influencer marketing firm to capitalize on. Statista data shows that there are 96 million monthly active Snapchat users in North America alone and over 300 million worldwide. It is a massive platform with a young base, but many brands and even most of the top influencer marketing agencies often overlook it.

This is likely because Snapchat doesn’t have the same influencer marketing ecosystem as many other platforms. Knowing follower count, understanding impact, and tracking results are difficult with Snapchat. It is not as reliable as other, more popular social channels like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok influencer marketing. However, just because it isn’t up there with the biggest industry names doesn’t mean there isn’t value to be found on this platform.

For influencer marketers that want to market through Snapchat, it is far from impossible. There are several different ways you can market on this platform. Let’s explore the options available to businesses.

Snapchat Takeovers

This is an intriguing option for businesses that want to use an influencer’s platform in a major way. This works best for brands already situated on Snapchat and using it for marketing purposes to post their own content. They can then find the right influencer and allow them to “take over” their Snapchat page and post stories on their behalf.

The first step of this is finding the right influencer. Snapchat now allows users to display their follower count, so you can determine if they’re the right fit based on their follower count and the type of content they post. If you are looking to do macro or micro-influencer marketing, you can find an influencer that aligns with your ideal follower count.

The next step is to plan out content and brand voice with the influencer and figure out your goal for the marketing. The influencer should then post their story, promoting the takeover and inviting their followers to check out your page. Then, the actual takeover will take place. This takes a lot of planning and is typically a higher budget promotion, but it effectively raises brand awareness.

Custom Snapchat Filters

One feature that has driven the appeal of Snapchat for years now is the filters. These filters can transform selfies, adding a cartoonish, Disney-style look, changing hair colors, or stretching faces in hilarious directions. They are part of what makes Snapchat fun. There are also the geo-tagged filters that spotlight a certain location. Many brands have been using these for easy marketing for several years now.

Creating a custom filter isn’t hard, and you can limit them to certain locations. These are a great way to promote your business and spread key messages. If you want to get the filters to spread, make them goofy and fun, and find some influencers to take pictures with them. This will help popularize the filters.

There are multiple ways you can go about this. You can either create a more extensive, face-altering AR filter or a simpler, geo-tagged filter that essentially stamps a picture, which is much less expensive. Promoting these custom filters with the help of influencers will spread them out and increase their usage. It is a clever promotional tactic to announce a sale or spread a brand logo.

Story Posts

Lastly, we have the most common way to influencer market on Snapchat: a paid story post. The thing with Snapchat is that there are no permanent posts, as there isn’t a permanent feed. The content people see is the stories of the people they follow, and these are only up for 24 hours at a time. If you want to market to consumers on Snapchat, a story post is the most simple way.

Because Snapchat’s content format is different from other platforms, there are several different ways to post a branded story. Two of the most effective ones are product unboxings and product demonstrations. A Snapchat story should cost less than an Instagram post or story from the same influencer, as there is no way for that post to remain permanently in the user’s feed.

A product unboxing or demonstration will allow you to showcase what you’re selling through a Snapchat influencer. It will allow you to call attention to your product and highlight its value, all through the platform and voice of someone with a large follower count on the social media channel. It is high-value, and you can organize swipe-ups within the influencer’s stories which will lead customers to your website.

If you’re looking to begin your influencer marketing outreach, you need the right partner to help you launch your strategy into the stratosphere. Influence Hunter is a team of experienced social media marketers who have helped brands develop highly efficient, customizable campaigns that deliver on strategic goals. If you want to learn more about what Influence Hunter can do for your business, get in touch with us today.

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