TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. For a while, it was the app used by kids to post lip-syncing videos, and no one paid it much mind. But in the past several years, it has skyrocketed past a billion monthly active users and become deeply embedded in the zeitgeist. It now seems like TikTok has a real opportunity to someday become the most widely used social media app, as its growth has been stratospheric.

There are several reasons TikTok has grown its user base and become so popular. For one, the content format is highly digestible and extremely addictive. They have an effective algorithm that keeps the content coming non-stop, and it is highly curated and tailored to users’ preferences. Another reason is that TikTok is great for marketing.

TikTok influencer marketing is already extremely popular, and it is only becoming more widespread. There are many appealing creators on the platform, and new influencers are created on the app every day. TikTok also offers great features for brands, like TikTok for Business, to help them market on the app.

Recently, they’ve been testing out a new feature that could soon go live in the United States that would change the TikTok marketplace.

What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is a brand new feature that could be set to arrive in America. It has already landed in the United Kingdom and parts of Asia like Indonesia and Malaysia, and it is currently being tested in the United States. It is a feature meant to bridge the gap between social media and commerce on the app and make TikTok a central commercial hub for shopping.

TikTok Shop will enable brands and independent sellers to sell products directly through TikTok through linked in-feed videos, live sales, and a separate tab. This separate tab will allow brands and sellers to showcase their latest and greatest. This massive update will offer new opportunities to both brands and content creators once it lands in America.

The updated feature will make it easier for customers to purchase products, removing an extra step. Brands and creators can embed products’ pages into their videos, sell directly through live, display them on the Shop tab, and make it easier for social media users to discover and purchase their product.

Consumers are already using social media to fuel their purchasing decisions. The creator economy exists around this concept. Now, social media platforms are orienting their apps around this idea. Instagram already has a similar feature, and platforms realize that the more shoppable they are, the more revenue they can bring in. It is not certain that TikTok Shop will come to America, with some important political figures speaking out against it. But if it is already live elsewhere in the world, chances are it will soon arrive here.

How Can Influencer Marketers Use It?

The upside for influencer marketers from this feature is apparent. It will push TikTok into an even more potent revenue generator for brands. Simplifying the process for shoppers and making the product or service more accessible will make it easier for brands to get sales. To attract more eyes, brands are going to need to influencer market.

Think of the value it has for a business for an influencer post to not just have the link to the website in the description, but embed the product page in the video? Consumers won’t have to click on the link to view your product because they’ll be viewing it along with the video. And if they do click on it, they won’t have to leave the app to make a purchase.

The possibilities for this are significant, and live video will likely be a big part of it. Influencers can do live demonstrations of products, encourage users to purchase, and the whole video will be shoppable. These types of live sales are already extremely popular in Asia through other platforms, and that trend could soon arrive in America. The more accessible it is for consumers to make purchases, the likelier they are to make them.

TikTok Shop will be an exciting feature if it ends up going fully live in America. Instagram has already embraced the social commerce trend, which is what makes it such a viable platform for influencer marketing. TikTok is now doing the same, and this will only continue to grow the appeal of this platform for social media users and marketers alike.

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