Influencer marketing is a hugely important form of social media outreach, but not all influencer marketing campaigns will yield the same results. Influencer marketing is a complex marketing form, and reaching potential customers isn’t as easy as just connecting with any influencer with a high follower count. There is a lot more to influencer marketing strategies than this.

Engagement rate is one core metric that many marketers use to define the success of a campaign. Engagement rate looks at the amount of response an influencer or post gets relative to the following size of the creator. A high engagement rate typically means that a piece of content really connected with a group of people and will often yield good results, so generally, it is a goal of most influencer marketers to have sponsored posts that have significant engagement on the social media platform they are posted on.

If you seek a way to bump up the engagement on your posts, some methods can be deployed to help. Let’s look at five tips for increasing engagement on sponsored influencer posts.

Use Micro-Influencers

Depending on follower count, different influencers tend to have different engagement rates. The rule of thumb for this is typically that the fewer followers an influencer has, the higher their engagement rate. If an influencer has millions of followers, it is harder for them to have the same engagement percentage as an influencer with thousands of followers. Typically, nano and micro-influencers are the content creators with the highest engagement rates.

If engagement is a core metric that you are targeting for your campaign success, centering your campaign around social media influencers that fall in the micro-influencer category can yield significant results.

Contests Will Increase Impact

One of the best ways to reach a wider audience on social media channels is to try and inspire prospective customers to create user-generated content. Contests are a great method of doing this. A social media contest is when brands give out rewards or enter users’ names into a draw for doing something, such as reposting a social media post on their story. Brands often partner with key influencers to announce the rules to launch a contest, reaching a larger number of people than if the brand announced it themselves. These posts can have a high level of engagement as they are shared by users and gain buzz on the news feed.

Find Influencers in the Right Niche

Your influencer strategy will be dependent on connecting with the right influencers. This will depend on your goals, influencer marketing budgets, and platforms used. One big factor that needs to be considered in a social influencer marketing campaign is the niche the influencer posts in. Almost every influencer has a typical type of post that their users follow them for. There are lifestyle influencers, parenting influencers, gym influencers, and more. A way to ensure an influencer marketing campaign delivers a high impact will be to target influencers whose niche and typical posts align with your brand.

Adhere to the Forms of the Platform Used

Social media is reliant on people’s expectations. People go to certain platforms to see certain things. People go to TikTok for sound-based videos, driven by current trends. People use Instagram for lifestyle pictures and Twitter for comedy or world updates. Understanding the different forms and functions of the platform you want to share influencer content on will improve your campaign’s engagement levels. Making sure the content and style is consistent with the platform you are using will lead to more valuable content and better engagement outcomes.

Have a Target Audience in Mind

When making an influencer post, there should be intent behind everything you are doing. If you simply get a celebrity influencer that doesn’t have an audience that connects with your product, you likely won’t receive the same ROI on your strategy as if you thought out your post more effectively. Keep a definitive target audience in mind, and do everything you can to reach them. Find influencers with a significant following within your targeted audience, whether based on demographic detail or interests. This will lead to higher social media engagement and more sales.

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