For a while, the celebrity endorsement was the best it could get in marketing. Having an A-list Hollywood star pictured with your product in the pages of the tabloids was a marketing coup, but it was something off-limits to the typical brand. This all changed with the rise of social media channels and influencer marketing. Gone are the days when traditional celebrities dominate the endorsement industry. Now, they have been surpassed by social influencers that have become a prominent source of marketing revenue.

Digital influencers are the social media version of celebrities, though their fame and acclaim ranges. There are many different kinds of influencers, ranging from the most famous social media influencers like Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, and Mr. Beast to the average micro-influencer that has accrued a significant following.

These influencers fill the roles traditional celebrities occupied in the past. They are hounded by paparazzi, set new fashion trends, and have the power to elevate a brand. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok influencer marketing, brands worldwide are leveraging the power these social celebrities have. Let’s look at what sets these online content creators apart from traditional celebrities like Hollywood actors or pop stars.


Authenticity is one of the components of influencer marketing that is most often discussed. It is one of the driving reasons an influencer marketing campaign works. People don’t consider the influencers they follow to be celebrities. There isn’t the same level of disconnect. Celebrities often feel distant, like they reside on another planet. What we see of them is late-night show appearances or red carpet walks. Social media influencers tend to be a lot more three-dimensional.

Influencers show a lot more of themselves. The attachments people form to them are more significant because of that. People have a heightened feeling that they are receiving an authentic recommendation because the person recommending it to them feels real. This isn’t the case with influencer marketing.


Trust is an important element of any marketing campaign. Consumers have to trust your brand to provide them with something of quality and value. Influencer marketing helps this by getting consumers to associate their trust for an influencer with your brand. One of the reasons this is so effective is that people genuinely trust influencers far more than they would trust a traditional celebrity.

According to QuestionPro, 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or a traditional celebrity. Even more surprising is that people often trust influencers more than the people in their own lives. A study by Gen.Video found 33% of people trust influencers as a source for shopping recommendations, while only 17% would trust family or friends.

Social Media Prowess

While traditional celebrities might have a massive real-world impact, not all have translated that impact to a strong social media presence. Many of the most famous people on the planet are older less experienced with the intricacies of platforms like Instagram and TikTok. But the world of social commerce is powered by social media, which is why influencers are a more viable option for most brands, regardless of budget.

The average influencer has risen to the status they have because they are adept at playing the social media game. They are talented content creators that have cultivated followings from nothing. This plays better if you are trying to utilize social media platforms to boost your sales. Even if celebrities might have more reach, it will likely come at a higher cost, and influencers are more experienced social media marketers.


As we mentioned previously, celebrities are distant figures, while influencers tend to feel more authentic and relatable. A lot of this has to do with the consistency with which influencers post and the access they provide into their lives. Celebrities have a PR sheen that makes them feel detached and not as real. There is a lot more insight with influencers into who they are and how they live their lives, even if it is a contrived version.

Influencers have to post consistently. They share more details about their lives, often in vlogs, where they show things like a day in the life, what they eat every day, and how they exercise. When they show off so much more of their lives, it is much more natural for marketing purposes. If they are constantly showing off the products they use, it feels much more authentic if they highlight a sponsored product from a brand. This heightened consistency works in favor of influencer marketers.

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