Finding the talent that fits the job is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when marketing with influencers. Without locating the right influencer, marketing campaigns can become tedious and nonviable.

Finding influencers who fit the criteria for brand marketing can be a complex process for influencer marketing agencies or in-house teams. However, there are various methods for pursuing an accurate fit. An efficient method of finding the right influencer is by using data. Data is a concrete method that provides secure ways to find the perfect influencer for the job.

Follower Count

The number of followers an influencer has is an inessential fact to consider. A brand should always choose quality over quantity for best results, and a larger following count doesn’t equate to profit. However, it is data that warrants consideration.

As a brand, it’s essential to understand the community they’re attempting to reach. The brand should consider whether they’re willing to hire micro-influencers or macro-influencers, how many consumers the brand is trying to reach, and whether they want to attract a larger or niche audience.


When considering an influencer, consider the demographic that follows them. Use the statistics to see what consumers they bring in and what consumers follow them. As a brand, they need to understand what group of consumers they’re trying to target and ensure they align with the influencer’s community.

Consider the age range of consumers who follow; the locations they reside in; the gender ranges, and the ethnicities. Take into consideration the demographic your brand is trying to reach.

Audience Engagement Rate

A crucial piece of data worth considering is the audience engagement rate. What good is an influencer with a large following who has little audience engagement? Audience engagement for an influencer equates to how much the audience trusts and enjoys the influencer’s content.

An influencer who has high engagement directly responds and engages with their community. These influencers can sway the opinions of their consumers because they have formed an interpersonal bond with them. Influencers with high engagement can make a product the center of attention, giving it the traffic it desires. Influencers with a high engagement rate are ideal candidates for working with a brand or influencer marketing agency.


View an influencer’s followers and look at the connections they have formed with other brands and influencers. Does this influencer have relationships with competing brands? Is it worth hiring them? An influencer who has connections with another influencer can recommend the brand, creating a wave of influencers who follow suit, expanding the brand’s marketing campaign.


When finding the perfect influencer fit, always analyze the quality of content influencers post. Consider how well they personalize the dialogue in the content and how well they portray a brand. Influencers who have better quality content are likely to increase brand sales because of the effort put into each post.

If an influencer has more content, but the quality of each blog has decreased, a brand may lose profit. Consumers care more about the quality of each blog rather than the number of blogs posted. Consumers are likely to believe that multiple campaign blogs are overbearing and tiresome.

Type of Content Posted

The most relevant data to consider when choosing an influencer is finding an individual who fits a brand’s style. By finding an influencer relevant to the brand that holds a passion for that niche, consumers are likely to engage more with the content. Finding an individual who fits the niche also equates to finding consumers interested in the brand and its products.

Hiring an influencer who holds a variety of niches or doesn’t fit a specific brand will result in consumers who are less interested in the product because it isn’t appropriate to their range of interests. While a brand may reach a wider audience, a brand will be less likely to see a profit.

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