Having an established influencer marketing strategy has grown increasingly common among brands. The ability to have an influencer promote your brand at a low cost with more traffic is ideal. However, not every influencer marketing campaign is going to work as anticipated. While a candidate may seem sufficient, they may not bring the results that a brand is expecting. In that case, it might be time to switch to a different influencer.

Saying goodbye to an old influencer may be difficult. A brand could have formed a close bond with its influencer, or a brand could have enjoyed the content they created. However, if results are suffering and the brand is no longer making a profit, then the brand has no other option. 

Unlike influencers, brands will experience a significant loss if their needs are not exceeded. This loss can be as little as cutting back on expenses or as substantial as filing for bankruptcy. For influencers, the most they receive is one fewer source of income.

Here are three crucial signs that it’s time to switch influencers.

There’s a Drop in Engagement

A drop in consumer engagement can mean a loss for the promoting brand. If the influencer is losing engagement and cannot retain consumers, this is a clear sign that it’s time to switch for the brand or influencer marketing agency.

Influencers who can obtain high consumer engagement rates are crucial for promoting brands. Engagement indicates that consumers are likely to follow the suggestions made by the influencer. For promotional blogs, this engagement equals an influx of consumers who are willing to buy their products. If an influencer has no engagement, then brands are consuming unnecessary expenses. By changing influencers, they are cutting back their losses and allowing their products to remain visible.

There’s a Build Up in Negativity

If an influencer starts to form a community based on hostility and anger, the brand associated with them will suffer. Brands are actively searching for influencers who will allow them a risk-free opportunity to promote, and brands are in dire need of retaining their positive reputation.

Influencers may start in an encouraging environment, but this doesn’t mean they’re risk-free. All humans make mistakes, and influencers are very human. It’s not uncommon for social media creators to attract anger and negativity because of an action or statement. If an influencer gradually draws or posts more negative content, a brand is better off changing influencers and retaining its reputation.

The Influencer Changed Styles

Not everything can remain the same, and not everyone will retain the same interests. An influencer is likely to change their style and appeal based on how their environment has molded them. Brands are less likely to change as often because of the cost behind it. However, if an influencer changes its style and no longer matches the preferred type of the brand, it’s time to switch.

If a brand markets with an influencer who doesn’t meet their style and niche, the brand is consuming unnecessary expenses. Promoting a product to consumers who are not relevant to the product will result in low traffic. Brands need to encourage content where their style is appreciated among consumers that find their products engaging.

Brands are not required to stick with one influencer. They’re allowed to change based on how their needs change. If an influencer no longer meets the brand’s needs, then the brand is not obligated to remain with the influencer. Influencers can be replaced when necessary, and brands have every right to switch influencers to optimize their influencer marketing strategy.

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