Nano-influencers have less than 10,000 followers. Despite having a smaller community, these influencers have a substantial impact on their consumers. By choosing to market with nano-influencers, your brand will reach a broad audience that fits your spectrum.

Unlike marketing corporations, nano-influencers are not bound by agents controlling their content. Instead, these influencers have complete creative freedom. Their creativity and ability to control their content are what make them role models for influencer marketing. Smaller influencers can obtain interpersonal connections with their community, making them one of the most trusted sources for consumers.

Nano-Influencers are Authentic

Consumers connect with influencers who appear relatable and authentic, allowing them to form a bond built on trust. Because nano-influencers are real people with working lives outside of their preferred media, they are easier to connect with for the average person. This is in contrast to macro-influencers, who have feeds littered with promotional blogs. 

Consumers have grown to understand the difference between an authentic account that cares for its followers and an account fueled by monetary gain. Small-scale influencers have the advantage because of their authenticity outside of social media, and that advantage can be passed to influencer marketing agencies or brands.

Nano-Influencers Obtain Consumer Relationships

Because small-scale influencers have fewer people to keep track of, it’s easier for them to become directly involved with their community. These influencers spend time responding to comments or questions. By being involved with their community, influencers build trust with their consumers. Consumers who trust influencers are easily swayed and are more likely to follow through with their suggestions.

Nano-Influencers Remain Relevant

When marketing with influencers, remaining relevant to a brand is essential, and nano-influencers sustain their relevancy. Smaller influencers often follow a niche subject that ignites passion, and consumers will find these influencers based on their specific interests. Meaning relevant brands will always reach the right demographic of consumers. Consumers lean towards the opinion of influencers who are relevant to them.

Targeting a specific demographic that matches a niche is a crucial step in marketing. By hiring nano-influencers, a brand can promote the right products to the right people.

Nano-Influencers are Cost-Efficient

When it comes to the cost of marketing, celebrity influencers are pricey. If a brand wants to spend less on quality content, then nano-influencers are worth pursuing. Small-scale influencers are a cost-efficient marketing method that creates quality content. Along with these influencers remaining cost-efficient, brands can afford to pursue multiple different nano-influencers. They will receive more marketing for a lower cost.

Unlike macro-influencers, the cost of hiring a small influencer can be as cheap as giving them a free product or an endorsement link to provide for their community. These freebies can give the influencer enough motivation to collaborate with a brand and produce quality content. Nano-influencers are cost-efficient and less risky to pursue, resulting in a lower loss for a brand if a marketing strategy isn’t successful.

Nano-Influencers Do More for Less

Because smaller influencers are just starting their journey to fame, they are eager to interact with their community and receive endorsements from brands. When given the opportunity, Nano-influencers will produce more quality content for less. These influencers are passionate about what they do and are eager to start their journey. They show passion in their niche and will tend to do more than required when promoting a brand for the sake of the consumer.

Most brands are against nano-influencers promoting products because of their smaller audience. A brand that trusts these influencers will give them an opportunity, resulting in a competitive edge against other brands. Nano-influencers are more trusted among their community, resulting in a steady flow of traffic to the brand they promote.

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