In this episode of Hunting Influence, Aaron is joined by Alex Valley, CEO & Founder of Unity Wellness Co. They discuss how Alex has already raised more than $1m, placed their beverages in over 1,000 stores across the US and dreams up new SKU’s.

Key Facts:

  • Alex’s LinkedIn
  • Unity Wellness’s website
  • Alex is a founder of Unity Wellness, a CBD beverage company
  • Alex started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14  
  • With the support of his parents, Alex started a car dealership business
  • At the age of 17, Alex started the Fiber Optic Communication business, which he ran for one and a half years 
  • Alex has also done some modeling
  • Alex is a graduate in Management Information System from Valley City State University, North Dakota.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alex Valley is just 25 years old and has already started two CBD beverage companies. His current company is Unity Wellness
  • Unity Wellness is worth over a million dollars at the moment and is already available in more than a thousand stores
  • Alex started his entrepreneurial journey with the car dealership and later on started Fiber Optics Communication before he got into the beverages business 
  • Alex believes that “to be an entrepreneur you just have to dive in and you learn along the way,” and “you have to have a passion for the product”
  • To achieve something bigger, Alex decided to move out of North Dakota
  • To earn some extra cash, Alex found work as a model
  • In 2019, Alex and his partner did a test run for Unity products, which was a success
  • In March 2020, Unity Wellness was relaunched with a better formula, branding, and portfolio
  • Alex believes that due to the pandemic, people are more drawn to healthy diets, which has positively impacted Unity’s business 
  • Focused marketing strategies are one of the key fundamentals that Unity follows. Alex ensures that their marketing strategies are up to date
  • Unlike other brands Unity offers specially formulated CBD beverages, which is why they are considered premium products
  • Alex says that social media is thriving, but there is a need for something that’s is more business-focused, something better than Instagram and Facebook
  • Unity’s goals for 2021 are to keep growing, hiring the right people and finding the right distributor. However, three years from now, Unity plans to partner with or merge with some big brands
  • Alex plans to expand Unity in New York and hit areas like Minneapolis and Raleigh to grow Unity Wellness further

Alex’s dream acquisition partner:

Alex is interested in an acquisition or a merger with brands that share the Unity’s vision

No.1 business hack:

  • Be passionate about the product and know your product inside out
Key Resources:

“To be an entrepreneur, you just have to dive in, and you learn along the way”

Alex Valley
CEO/Founder of Unity Wellness

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