Influencer marketing is something every brand needs to consider. Regardless of your product or service, chances are there’s an audience for it on social media. Influencer marketing has become so popular in the past decade because of how generally applicable it is. Any company can have a high-performing influencer marketing campaign if they construct their campaign carefully and adhere to best practices. Whether you are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok influencer marketing, chances are there’s a demographic out there on social media to who your product can appeal.

One of the best practices for influencer marketing campaigns is targeting a specific niche for your outreach. Niche influencer marketing allows brands to narrow their scope to a specific demographic or type of audience to tailor their outreach in a more personal way. This is a strategy employed by brands across the industry. Sometimes, it is a natural fit. If a product or service is geared towards new mothers, targeting influencers who post motherhood content is an easy choice. However, you don’t need to specialize too specifically in choosing your influencer marketing niche.

There are several different social media niches that brands can target with a broad, general audience. Influencer marketing with these content creators will allow brands to slightly narrow their scope while maintaining a large-scale campaign. Let’s look at five general influencer niches brands that aren’t specialized can attach their campaigns to.


When you picture an influencer, you probably imagine a sun-kissed person flicking up on the beach somewhere. The travel niche has a lot of creators who post this kind of content, but it is bigger than that. The travel niche is a large one, with a wide variety of different kinds of influencers whose primary content revolves around their global explorations. The type of people that follow influencers in the travel niche varies. People enjoy their aesthetic lifestyles, aspirational living, and interesting pictures, and partnering with them can yield great global photography.


The wellness space is a major one on social media. Honest dialogues around physical and mental health are a common part of the daily feed you’ll find on Instagram and TikTok, and many influencers have found success in this sphere. Not every brand will resonate on wellness social media, but many can. Various influencers center their content around improving daily life, and an endorsement from this kind of content creator is a good look that can help brands ranging from candle and skincare companies to fashion and food businesses.


Lifestyle influencers are probably the most common content creators on the internet. These are the people who share daily vlogs or content on social media centered on how they live their lives. This is the most general form of content creators, and the opportunities for an influencer partnership are endless. There is no limit for a lifestyle influencer of the kinds of products they’ll endorse. These influencers have a following composed of people from all backgrounds, but you can find specific lifestyle influencers that might attract certain kinds of followers, such as a younger age group or people in a certain place.


Some of the biggest most recognizable social media personalities are athletes. Athletes are revered and respected for their prowess, making them natural fits to be influencers. While big professional athlete endorsements may be out of many brands’ budgets, smaller athlete influencers, like NCAA athletes, can align with smaller budgets. Sponsored posts from athletes don’t need to be about athletic brands, as athletes are constantly partnering with companies across industries. There is a real benefit to being associated with athletes, as many athletes are regional heroes with devoted followings.


Lastly, family influencers make for a general and accessible niche to market in. Many influencers have built their followings around their family lives. They post mother/fatherhood content, married life content and generally base their image around their familial bonds. They can reach a broad demographic, as people with their own families often follow them. Another benefit of family influencers is that they tend to have clean reputations, as their content is geared toward a family-friendly crowd. There are content creators of all sizes in this niche, and it is a great starting point for a brand looking to reach a broad demographic through influencers.

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