Branding is a pivotal aspect of influencer marketing. While sales are important and a primary reason many companies choose to use influencer content, branding is a less quantifiable but still valuable factor. Building a brand is critical on social media platforms, as this is one of the front-facing components of a business and an important source of inbound marketing. Influencer marketing campaigns can go a long way when it comes to building a brand, but it will depend on how you go about it.

The right influencer marketing strategy can lead to success with branding and catapult your brand’s reach and appeal. Social media influencers are excellent sources of branding expertise, and leveraging their platform can help you construct a brand identity from scratch.

Before you start this, it is important to know what kind of identity you want your brand to have. This can help you zero in on the target audience and the type of content that fits best with this. Once you’ve got a sense of how you want your brand to be perceived, you can begin constructing an influencer strategy that helps with branding. Let’s explore how brands can use influencer marketing to construct a brand identity.

Partner with Influencers that Align with Your Values

To appeal to the modern consumer, you must align with their values. According to a global survey by the World Economic Forum, 70% of respondents say they buy from brands they believe reflect their principles. People want the opinions and beliefs of the businesses they purchase from to reflect their own because they are aware of their dollar’s power. That means it is now more important than ever that brands show consumers what their values are. One of the best ways to do this is through influencer marketing.

When you cultivate relationships with influencers, they become brand ambassadors. These content creators become legitimate spokespeople for your brand, and you are who you associate with. If you choose influencers with a track record of speaking out on issues or who are particularly outspoken on certain topics, your brand is associated with that. You can use that to reflect your company’s values and include content about whatever causes or values your brand has in your influencer post. 

Repurpose Influencer Content Across Channels

One of the great parts of influencer marketing is that the content you get from the influencers can typically be repurposed across social media channels. This will normally be part of a standard agreement from influencers, and whether you are Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok influencer marketing, it has a lot of value. Brands get multiple usages from social media posts rather than just the initial increase in sales.

When you repurpose influencer content, it can serve several purposes. You can use it on different social media, embed it on certain web pages, and use it to highlight product launches. Essentially, brands are getting more bang for their buck as they can stretch out the marketing impact. Using influencer content on several different marketing channels helps with branding because it allows businesses to further their connection to the influencers they partner with in consumers’ eyes. There is a more extended association that serves to benefit brands.

Use Influencers to Direct to Your Social Media Pages

Influencer content helps brands reach larger audiences. It can be hard to gain visibility on social media platforms, but influencer marketing drastically simplifies the process. The more social media users are aware of your brand, the better off your brand is. Influencer programs help social media users gain some surface-level awareness of who your brand is and what you’re offering. To further that, businesses should make sure that influencers tag their brand’s social media page in their post and direct users there.

Influencer campaigns are a big asset for building a brand, but you should already attempt this by creating pages for your business on various social channels. There, you can more comprehensively curate an image and connect with interested customers. Getting more followers for a branded page on social media means more people tuning in for new products, deals, and updates and more subscribers to marketing information. Getting an initial following for these pages might be difficult, but you can attract a large audience to your page to try and grow your social media brand with influencer marketing.

If you are looking to launch your social media reach into the stratosphere, partnering with a top influencer marketing agency is the way to do that. Influence Hunter is that agency, an influencer marketing firm with years of experience helping businesses build customizable, high-performing campaigns across industries. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

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