Influencer marketing campaigns are complex things. An influencer campaign aims to leverage the reach, and connection content creators have on social media platforms to work on a brand’s behalf. But social media isn’t as straightforward as some forms of marketing, and tracking all forms of marketing can be tricky. When you are using social media creators, it can be hard to keep track of the impact and value of your campaign. There are key performance indicators that let you know you’re on the right track, but it can still be confusing even with those.

Your campaign goal is typically to generate revenue, and with that in mind, there are specific KPIs that will be at the top of your list. But beyond that, influencer outreach has other advantages that are less trackable. Things like brand awareness can lead to a down-the-road increase in sales and are also crucial to your influencer marketing program but difficult to track.

However, there are some ways you can see whether or not your influencer marketing outreach is succeeding. Whether you are a micro-influencer marketing agency or a brand doing TikTok influencer marketing, monitoring the impact of your campaign is critical. Let’s look at some indicators of a successful influencer marketing campaign.


This is the first thing that most marketers will consider for their campaign. Did it generate real revenue? Did the paid influencer promotion lead to sales? This also happens to be the easiest of the indicators to track. Creators are told to share unique affiliate links with their influencer content. These are discount codes that users can input to receive discounts on brands products. You can track how many people use certain codes to see which influencer has generated real sales for you. Sales is unquestionably a vital indicator to consider. It shows the content’s actual impact on the target audience and puts a precise number on your influencer marketing efforts.

Click-Through Rate

This one is a similarly important metric to monitor for individual influencers. Provide the influencers with who you are working with unique trackable links to monitor the number of clicks each influencer has generated. To be the fairest to influencers, all they can do is direct people to your product. If you are generating a lot of clicks from an influencer post, that means that influencer has brought a lot of potentially interested prospects to your website. What happens from there is mostly on your website design or landing page to deliver. This is an excellent metric to see how much general interest in your product or service the influencer generated.


Engagement is one of the social media metrics that every marketer should know. Engagement rate tracks how people respond to an influencer’s content relative to their audience size, with engagement counting as likes and comments. This metric indicates the real impact of a post relative to an audience. Typically, micro-influencers will generate a higher engagement rate on a post due to their smaller audience size. Engagement is a good indicator of the brand awareness impact a post has. If a sponsored influencer post has a lot of engagement, that means a lot more people have become aware of your brand.

New Followers

The natural next step from engagement is new followers. This is an important metric that often goes overlooked. If you are sponsoring influencer user-generated content, you should have a social media page of your own that is linked to the post. If the social media post manages to generate a lot of new followers for your page, this is excellent news. You likely won’t be able to track this indicator based on which influencer the followers come from, but if you receive many followers as the result of a campaign, there’s a lot you can do with this. It is like receiving a bunch of subscribers for your email outreach. You can now market to a new cohort of people interested in your brand and product.

Finding Impactful Influencers

One thing that is mostly trackable from a campaign that indicates a successful influencer program is if you find high-performing influencers. Even if your campaign doesn’t achieve the results you are hoping for, but one influencer delivers solid results, that is essential information that can help you with down the road campaigns. Finding high-value influencers is an asset to brands, and forming long-term influencer partnerships can boost the results of your campaigns. Track the above indicators to know whether an influencer has delivered results for you, and based on that, assess if they should be a significant part of future campaigns.

If you are looking to launch your influencer marketing strategy, working alongside a top influencer marketing agency is the way to go. Influence Hunter is that agency, an influencer marketing firm with years of experience helping brands across industries create high-performing campaigns. We work alongside you to create customized, trackable campaigns that deliver significant results. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.

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