Everyone who prioritizes influencers’ use, from the top influencer marketing agency to brands just launching their first campaigns, understands the value of reach. The ability to post content that connects with a massive number of different people is what every company is looking for.

There are a wide variety of social media accounts that go viral and attain significant followings. Many are of traditional celebrities, like Cristiano Ronaldo or Ariana Grande, who are movie stars, musicians, or athletes. These people are common targets of an influencer marketing firm with massive budgets. There are also smaller influencers like a nano-influencer or micro-influencer, who the average micro-influencer agency will target for lesser costs or influencer gifting.

Not every major influencer is a single person, though. Sometimes, they are content aggregates that post viral videos to massive audiences. These videos are typically centered around topics like sports or celebrities. The accounts that post them often rapidly grow from just a social media account reposting videos to full-fledged new media companies.

While not individuals, these accounts are still worthwhile targets for the influencer marketing agency looking for a new kind of influencer to utilize. Many of them accept promotional posts, and some have large legions of devoted fans with high engagement rates that make them extremely valuable.

Let’s look at four different Instagram content aggregate accounts with massive reach that make a lot of sense for a major influencer marketing outreach.


This account is hyper-regional but somehow has managed to find a massive platform with over 2 million followers. It is a social media account centered around Toronto and Greater Toronto Area content, posting things like rising new artists, trending news, and short videos. Many big metropolitan areas have similar accounts, but 6ixBuzz has managed to grow to be one of the most popular.

They have also branched off from their initial start as just a single social media account. They have created an app, generated original content, and even entered the music industry. They are an example of the type of power a massive follower count can provide for a platform.

6ixBuzz posts numerous sponsored posts for both brands and individuals. They market regional Toronto promotions for big businesses in the area and even post musical artists’ content at a fee. They are an example of how a content aggregate can rapidly expand and become a major social media entity.


WorldStar Hip Hop is a massive social media conglomerate that has been on the scene for many years. They are one of the biggest social media accounts around, with over 34 million followers on Instagram. WorldStar began in 2005 as a content aggregating website, and with social rapidly growing, they cleverly rode the wave to become a juggernaut.

WorldStar posts about a wide variety of different things. For starters, you can find updates on the biggest rappers and trending celebrities. If there is a massively viral video of a crazy moment, chances are it’ll end up on WorldStar’s page. They are a pop culture website that posts wild, viral videos, often controversial, but with a massive audience.

WorldStar has reached a level where a post on its platform is extremely costly. They do post sponsored content from different social media creators, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and whoever else is willing to pay their presumably high price.


If you want to stay with the times and up to date on the culture, The Shade Room is where it’s at for many. The Shade Room has a huge following of over 25 million on Instagram, making them a platform with a gigantic reach. The Shade Room is a viral content aggregate that keeps its followers, the “Roommates,” updated on the latest news.

The Shade Room covers a wide range of topics. You can find more serious discussions on their page, like big presidential announcements or major business news. However, the vast majority of the content is updates on celebrities, mostly intensely personal ones. The Shade Room is known for its “tea,” their insider details into the lives of the famous.

The Shade Room gets up to 90% of its revenue from advertisers, with a merchandising branch that brings in a small portion of its revenue. If you’re looking to reach a young and culturally invested group, The Shade Room has a massive platform of people very interested in celebrities and the day-to-day life of today’s major stars.


TikTok influencer marketing is all the rage these days, largely because of how massive the platform has become with a young, desirable demographic. TikTok superstars have become mega-celebrities in their own right, and if you want to stay up-to-date with who’s dating who and who’s feuding with who, there are countless different accounts dedicated to providing you with updates.

One such account is TikTokInsiders. While it may not have the reach of the other accounts on this list, it has quickly grown to have over 465,000 followers that stay locked in on the multiple daily posts. It is dedicated to providing followers with insider details on the lives of the TikTok celebrities, including even seemingly mundane updates like who is following who on which accounts.

If you want to reach a young audience, marketing through pages like this makes sense. While Instagram typically skews older, if you want to reach a more TikTok-aged demographic while still taking advantage of the advertising infrastructure of Instagram, using accounts like TikTokInsider is a clever way to do this.

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