In this episode of Hunting Influence, Aaron is joined by Nick Hamburger, Co-Founder and CEO of Quevos. They discuss Nick’s entrepreneurial journey, how he managed to launch a unique brand while in school, and his top entrepreneurial hacks for ultimate business success.

Key facts

  • Nick’s LinkedIn
  • Quevos’ website
  • Nick is the Co-Founder and CEO of Quevos 
  • Quevos is a unique egg white-based salty snack brand
  • Quevos snacks are high in protein and fiber and use low carbs ingredients 
  • Nick started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 12, from his schools’ cafeteria
  • Nick and his childhood friend Zack Schreier created Quevos in 2017
  • Nick and Zack were featured on Shark Tank, where they managed to convince Daniel Lubetzky, Founder of KIND Snacks, to invest in Quevos

Key takeaways

  • Nick and his childhood friend Zack founded Quevos in 2017
  • Nick and Zack created Quevos immediately after completing high school
  • Nick and Zack presented their Quevos business project in a contest hosted by the University of Chicago. They won the contest and immediately planned to launch it as a business 
  • Nick and Zack worked six hours every day to improve the quality of Quevos snacks 
  • In 2018, Nick and Zack arranged a summer course to raise funds for Quevos
  • After raising some funds from the summer course, Nick and Zack launched their product in nearby stores
  • Nick shares that starting his entrepreneurial journey as a student has been challenging. Nick credits his entrepreneurial success to his parents’ support throughout 
  • Nick believes in offering quality products and solutions to the customer. Hence, after the success of Quevos in a nearby retail store, Nick stopped further business expansion for six months to streamline his operations before he launched Quevos snacks into twelve big retail stores all over Chicago 
  • Nick adapted offline and online marketing simultaneously and launched Quevos online through Shopify along with retail penetration 
  • Nick analyzed the impact of all the major variables such as quality, quantity, and packaging during the six months pause he took before launching into big retail stores
  • With all the learning that he acquired during the initial stages of Quevos’ launch, Nick planned a big Kickstarter campaign  
  • According to Nick, Amazon and Influencer marketing has helped a lot in Quevos success
  • Nick went through a five month long screening process before getting featured on the Shark Tank
  • Nick and Zack created two different business plans for both Denial Lubetzky and Kevin O’Leary for the Shark Tank episode
  • As a result of customized business plans for Daniel Lubetzky and Kevin O’Leary, Kevin offered to invest $200,000 in Quevos with a royalty of 2.5%. However, Nick and Zack decided to partner with Daniel Lubetzky, who was their priority choice 
  • The deal with Daniel Lubetzky took twelve weeks to finalize but served as a milestone for the success of Quevos 
  • Nick found Denial Lubetzky very helpful, well-organized, and a passionate businessman
  • In the next five years, Nick believes that Quevos will become a renowned product all across the USA, with a presence in big retail chains and eCommerce spaces 
  • Nick plans to add honey and mustard flavors as new products in Quevos current product portfolio. 
  • Nick advises entrepreneurs and business startups to develop healthy communication channels with their teams and foster an environment that encourages constructive feedback 

Nick’s favorite purchase under $100

Nick’s morning ritual 

  • Nick meditates for an hour every morning 

Nick’s biggest influence 

Nick’s favorite resource 

Nick’s Dream Acquisition Partner

No.1 operation’s hack:

“Communicate with your co-worker and provide them with constructive feedback to improve.”


“Find a product that’s not only attractive but also healthy and useful for consumers.”

Nick Hamburger

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