Top 10 Free Tools to become an Influencer Expert

Tight budget but still want to boost your sales?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Ever scrolled through Instagram to find your feed packed with people advertising for other brands and dreamed that one day you would see YOUR product up there, too? Turn your dream into reality today using these 10 free tools:


  1. HypeAuditor: Worried if the influencer you intend to work with is a real influencer? With a seamless user interface and easy-to-understand charts, HypeAuditor allows you to analyse any account for fake followers and/or likes. Providing metrics for positive engagement and demographic breakdown, you can’t possibly go wrong with HypeAuditor.
  2. Discover.ly: Want to engage in influencer marketing, but don’t know any influencers to work with? Install chrome extension Discover.ly with one click and tell your problems good-bye. The extension analyses the influencer’s social medias, from Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn, and highlights any mutual friends you may have, making it easier to contact top influencers. 
  3. AllTop: Wondering what’s trending so you can reach out to an influencer in that industry to maximise your publicity? AllTop answers that — and more. With regularly updated lists about current trends in a multitude of niches, AllTop can help you identify the perfect target niche for your next influencer-marketing episode.
  4. Social Mention: Unsure if an influencer is actually influential? Use Social Mention to get instant metrics on their social mentions across top social media and web platforms. This software can analyse the number of likes and comments, sentiments, and reach for different keywords, including influencers.
  5. Ninja Outreach: Can’t decide which influencer will be most beneficial for your campaign? Let Ninja Outreach manage your next campaign by filtering through their database of influencers and identifying those that would maximally strengthen your advertisement. 
  6. Shoutcart: New to influencer marketing? Log on to ShoutCart and get matched with an influencer who is just right for you, with the guarantee that you don’t pay till the campaign is successfully published.
  7. Heepsy: Don’t know if influencer marketing is for you? Use Heepsy and leave all your worries behind. This portal allows you to find influencers, filtered to suit your target audience’s demographic, and analysed for authenticity. Create your influencer lists and start marketing.
  8. BuzzSumo: Don’t know what content would be effective on social media? BuzzSumo provides insights to generate ideas and create content before identifying influencers to publicize this. With their performance monitoring software, this is a one-stop package deal for any company.
  9. MediaToolKit: Want to understand if your last influencer marketing campaign was effective? Compare your company’s engagement metrics pre- and post- campaign with MediaToolKit by searching amongst e-mentions from absolutely any source in the world.
  10. Influencer Marketing Hub Calculator: Need more tips about influencer marketing? Check Influencer Marketing Hub’s list of tools to learn more!


So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner influencer-marketing pro today! 

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